Damon J. Vidrine, DrPH

Director of Intervention Research, Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center, Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention and Control Program, Professor, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Damon J. Vidrine, DrPH serves as the Program Co-Leader for the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the Stephenson Cancer Center and the Director of Intervention Research for the Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center. In addition, he is a professor in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine.

He earned a DrPH from the University of Texas, School of Public Health in 2002 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in cancer prevention at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in the Department of Behavioral Science where he stayed on as faculty until 2015.

Dr. Vidrine’s research program is focused on tobacco use in special and underserved populations, including community-based low socioeconomic status populations, safety net clinic-based populations, people living with HIV, and cancer patients. This work, which has been continuously NCI-funded since the time of his postdoctoral fellowship, has focused on the identification of the unique risks of tobacco use in these underserved populations, as well as the development and evaluation of novel cessation interventions. Dr. Vidrine has considerable expertise in the use of mobile devices (i.e., cell phones, tablet computers, and smartphones) for both behavioral assessment and intervention delivery purposes. In addition to research, mentoring is a major component of Dr. Vidrine’s work. He has a long record of mentoring and supervising trainees and students, including graduate students, medical students, pre-doctoral fellows, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty, and will be continuing these efforts at Stephenson Cancer Center.


Degree-Granting Institutions
The University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston, TX, DrPH, 2002, Disease Control
The University of North Texas, Denton, TX, MS, 1997, Health Promotion/Education
The University of North Texas, Denton, TX, BS, 1992, Physchology/Biology

Postgraduate Training
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Cancer Prevention and Control, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, 2006

Grant Funding:

Current Funding (direct costs provided)

Co-Investigator, 0.6 months, Mobile Contingency Management for Smoking Cessation among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Adults, NIH/NCI, 9/01/2016-8/31/2014, 7R01CA197314, $100,000 ($100,000/year)

Co-Investigator, 0.6 months, Smoking Cessation for Cervical Cancer Survivors in a Safety Net Healthcare System, R01CA172786, NIH/NCI, 5/12/2014-4/30/2019, $1,766,543 ($353,309/year)

Principal Investigator, 1.8 months, Enhancing Cancer Outreach for Low Income Adults with Innovative Smoking Cessation, 5R01CA141628-03, NIH/NCI, 4/12/2010-1/31/2018, $2,068,054 ($384,118/year)

Co-Investigator, 0.6 months, ASPIRE (A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience), CMS, PI - Alexander Prokhorov, 6/15/2013-10/15/2017, $2,000,000 ($500,000/year)

Principal Investigator, 3.6 months, An Evidence-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Underserved Persons Living with HIV/AIDS, CMS, 6/15/2013-12/31/2017, $1,423,028 ($390,312/year)

Co-Investigator, 1.8 months, Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science on Youth and Young Adults, P50CA180906, NIH/NCI, PI - Perry, 9/1/2013-8/31/2018, $2,240,050 ($403,837/year)

Co-Investigator, 0.6 months, (PQA3) Smartphone delivered attentional bias modification training for smokers, 1-R01-CA184781-01, NIH/NCI, PI - Robinson, 4/1/2014-3/31/2018, $1,124,023 ($224,804/year)

Principal Investigator, Mobile Smoking Cessation Treatment for Underserved Smokers: A Pilot and Feasibility Study, Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), 7/1/2015-6/30/2017, $30,000 ($15,000/per year)

Principal Investigator, The Food Independence, Security, and Health (FISH) Project - Phase I (Client, Personnel, and Organizational Assessments), Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust, 9/1/2015-8/31/2016, ($50,000/per year)

Co-Mentor, Socioeconomic Disparities in Smoking Cessation: Identifying the Mechanisms, MRSG-12-114-01-CPPB, American Cancer Society (Mentored Research Scholar Grant), PI – Michael Businelle, 7/01/2012–6/30/2017, $675,000 ($135,000/per year)

Completed (past 5 years)

Co-Principal Investigator, 48%, An innovative telephone intervention for HIV+ smokers, 5R01 CA97893-06, NIH/NCI, PI - Ellen R. Gritz, Ph. D. and Damon J. Vidrine, Dr.P.H., 2/1/2006-12/31/2014, $1,698,175 ($339,635/year)

Principal Investigator, 25%, The influence of HIV disease events/stages on smoking attitudes and behaviors, 5R01 CA132636-05, NIH/NCI, 7/1/2008-5/31/2015, $830,000 ($207,500/year)

Co-Investigator, 0.24 months, CYCORE: CYberinfrastructure for COmparative effectiveness Research, UC2 CA148263, NIH/NCI, PI - Susan Peterson, 9/30/2009-8/31/2013, $1,353,568 ($676,784/year)

Consultant, Improving Retention to Care in HIV Infected Postpartum Women, NA, Cheves and Isabella Smythe Foundation, PI - Tanvir Bell, MD, 9/1/2011-8/31/2013, $100,000 ($50,000/year)

Primary Mentor to Dr. Fletcher (fellowship), A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding Factors Associated with Cervical Cancer Screening Utilization among Low-Income, HIV-Positive Women, R25 CA57730, NIH/NCI, PI - Shine Chang, 1/1/2012-8/1/2013, $140,000 ($70,000/year)

Co-Investigator, Targeted Smoking Cessation Intervention for Women Living with HIV/AIDS: A Pilot Study, Chicago Developmental Center for AIDS Research (D-CFAR) and Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), PI - Faith Fletcher, 9/1/2014-8/30/2016, $50,000 ($25,000/year)

Selected Publications:

Prokhorov AP, Machado T, Calabro K, Vanderwater EA, Vidrine DJ, Pasch K, Marani S, Buchberg MK, Wagh A, Russell S, Czerniak K, Botello G, Dobbins M, Khalil G, Perry C. Developing mobile phone text messages for tobacco risk communication among college students: A mixed methods study. BMC Public Health. 2017: 17:137.

Businelle MS, Ma P, Kendzor DE, Frank SG, Vidrine DJ, Wetter DW. An ecological momentary intervention of smoking cessation: Evaluation of feasibility and effectiveness. J Med Internet Res. 2016: 18; (12): e321

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Businelle MS, Ma P, Kendzor DE, Frank SG, Wetter DW, Vidrine DJ. Using intensive longitudinal data collected via mobile phone to detect imminent lapse in smokers undergoing a scheduled quit attempt. J Med Internet Res. 2016;18 (10):e275.

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